We Work for Your Success Developing Apps for iPad

We have the reputation of the best company, developing apps for iPhone and iPad, which provides mobile strategies and solutions in compliance with the requirements of the clients and their business purposes.

We believe that our company makes progress only when the businesses of the clients prosper.

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iPhone and iPad apps for your business

Mobile solutions can transform the way you carry out the business. iPhone release has radically changed interaction with cell phones, and now the software development for this smart device is changing the way we got used to carrying out the business. Entrepreneurs who addressed us with their unique ideas for iPhone and iPad apps have already benefited by the cooperation. Our developers build the smooth and multipurpose systems, using all the advantages of the iOS system and opportunities of iPhone and iPad. App designers customize the software to your company requirements meeting your vision and expectations.

What we do

We offer a full range of services, developing the product for iPad from scratch. Our purpose is to develop applications which not only look good and nice-to-have but also fulfill the role of an efficient tool able to make your app necessary.

The services we provide include:

  • Mobile app consulting;
  • Market research;
  • Wireframing;
  • UI/UX project;
  • Development;
  • QA testing;
  • Maintenance and support.
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More opportunities for your clients

Bespoke iPhone and iPad application development services can help to provide the target audience with a new form of interaction. We guarantee an intuitive and attractive design of the user interface, carefully thought over navigation, able to attract the clients with its interactivity. iPhone and iPad apps will allow you to be available 24/7 not only for the loyal clients but also for potential customers. When developing iPad program, you can advertise your business in the mobile world. Well developed programs for iPad will increase your relations with customers using relevant information and powerful functionality.

Enterprise mobile apps

iPhone and iPad potential is enormous and continues to grow with each new iOS updating and hardware. Today's devices on iOS designed to be not regular phones, but the powerful and multipurpose tools which considerably simplify life and work. We develop the custom business software, and we can implement functionality that:

  • Optimize internal workflow and communication;
  • Develop a new outlet;
  • Securely store, process and share data to resolve of crucial tasks;
  • Make the business more mobile and provide access to work from everywhere.

Modern information technologies enable almost everything you can think of. The proper iPad app developed by the professional team of developers can considerably influence the way you and your staff work and help you to overtake the competitors.

Agile SDLC

Our development company aims to serve all your requirements; to achieve this goal our team uses the proven agile methodology practicing Scrum, Crystal and other methods. Such iterative and flexible approach provides some benefits:

  • Less documentation and more performance - app developers elaborate the working program at an early stage of development;
  • Feedback of regular customers on the delivered results helps to reduce overall risks guaranteeing that the custom software meets the requirements;
  • An opportunity to make changes in mobile strategy and implement new options throughout the development life cycle adapting the project to customers’ needs;
  • Quick time to market without any quality loss.

Our app builders benefit by the established process of development and provide you the complete control over a situation. Thus we guarantee transparent creation process - your constant participation and our knowledge and experience in app development for iPhone and iPad are the main components of the successful project.


Developing the layout design of an iPad program is as important as writing a code. The design should be simple and at the same time interactive. The App design from its icon to the user interface should address the users and provide the intuitive user experience. It will help to attract the customers, to make them stay in the app and regularly use it.

Attractive design

Our developers place the end users in the center. We study the target audience, the expectations of an average user and this knowledge help us to develop the product which not only attracts the attention of the users but also retains them converting into loyal clients.

Trademark awareness

Our team of developers carefully studies your business, the industry, and values to realize the brand image smoothly in the interface from the integration of a company logo to industry image visualization. It improves brand recognition, and in combination with the excellent project and good performance, it also increases the trademark awareness and satisfaction of the users.

iOS development tools

iOS provides many tools and technologies which allow the developers to use all the opportunities of the platform guaranteeing native design and presence of certain advantages which distinguish iPhone and iPad from other devices. Among such tools, we can name Xcode’s Interface Builder and such framework as UIkit. These tools allow developing the user interface from scratch setting it up to your personal preferences and implementing some well-known icons, standard fonts preserving consistency.

Thus, the application looks unique, and at the same time, it equals the user hopes. Integration of familiar and predictable elements helps users to navigate the application and make them feel controlling it. Such effect creates a special trust.

iOS developing specifications

The Apple company has certain standards. Developing the app, we consider Apple recommendations which add some gloss and increase the chances to be quickly approved by Apple during moderation.


When developing apps for ipad, we save legible text throughout the program, clear icons which send users the message on their role. The developing design should be accurate and without affectations. It should be focused on functionality with subtle visual elements highlighting relevant contents.



The UI design should help people to interact with the core information and functions. Contents should be the main thing while the interface - light and airy.


Developing the great visual levels, we can transfer hierarchy and provide the best understanding. The contact and discoverability help to get access to the functionality of the application, without losing a context. The feeling of depth creates a feeling of involvement in the program.


How to reach interactivity?

By implementation of fluid motion and vibrant animation, software builders develop the interactive and accurate interface adding the feeling of communication between people and content. The visualized results of user activity in your iPad program enhance the involvement and active user feedback. Intuitivity, realism and some predictability do the UI simple in use and therefore attractive.

The multidimensional display touch creates a feeling of depth allowing users to perform some operations in the app without launching. Developing the options available without starting, our team helps your customers to save time and work with the program more efficiently. You can authorize the clients and employees to preview the messages from iPad, to respond to notifications, search in your app, etc.

Your software should inform people, allow users to know that it processes their commands. We guarantee that the program will provide noticeable feedback for each user action. Interactive elements, such as links, buttons, and others can be allocated or pressed when they are tapped if it takes too long to process the command, users should see progress indicators of the operation status, additional animation, and a sound will be a good way to identify the accomplishment. Direct and visible results of actions is an important aspect of the development which creates a feeling of the best performance.

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Proficiency in app development for iPhone and iPad

The proper software for iPhone and iPad will help you not only to become more visible in the mobile world and to improve your relations with customers but also to equip you and your employees with robust functionality of iOS. To understand this reliable functionality, software developers and designers should receive exceptional technical skills and knowledge which can be improved over the years of experience.

Our iOS team transfers the boldest ideas to highly functional software, using top-quality technologies. We regularly update our knowledge and expertise getting acquainted with IT innovations, visiting conferences and meetings, exchanging experience with other software developers.

Our coding expertise

iOS is one the most stable and invulnerable platforms that make it so useful for business people. Development of a native iPad app can be possible only if software developers have enough knowledge and experience in operation of the Integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS, specific programming languages and platforms. The iOS programming tools benefiting by an operating system allow us to make use of our skills and experience, accelerating the design process, and saving the high quality of the final product.

Our software developers are expert both in Objective-C and in the Swift programming languages. Objective-C was the primary programming language for the iOS software before the release of Apple’s Swift which is simpler to read and support and requires less coding. Objective-C still has some advantages, and our programmers can use both of them.

Use of the latest version of XCode (IDE) helps our developers to find and eliminate errors even in a static code. Such seamless development and debugging process allow our team to provide you with the high-quality results in the shortest terms.

The iOS platform provides to developers a fundamental structure which helps to simplify the code, to increase the downloading speed of the application, to provide exceptional functionality and to reach the best efficiency of the project.

Quality assurance (QA)

We are not satisfied with the program which just operates. We fight for the software which performs its functions perfectly. Our experts in a quality assurance (QA) analyze your task, looking for traps and potential problems to find how to solve all arising difficulties and to prevent them. Developing the apps, we carry out performance, safety, load and stress tests and many others to achieve results which exceed your expectations. High quality is something guaranteeing that your investments will bring you ROI and will satisfy all the needs.

Implementation of the latest Apple innovations

Our iOS developers and designers strive to keep abreast with all Apple innovations which can improve our services and deliver the fascinating software to the clients. One of the examples of such innovations - App Thinning with Bitcode, Slicing, and On-demand resources. Altogether these components help the software developers to:

  • Optimize the software for App Store;
  • Reduce the memory space required;
  • Increase software load speed;
  • Automate re-optimization the iOS updates.