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We are a reputed IT company with more than nine years of Android development experience, to maintain high load, large amount of data. Our professional programmers create high-tech applications for Android to help you reach the vast audience of Android users.

We believe that any custom complex system should be highly functional and intuitive in use at the same time. Therefore, each of our projects perfectly meets the requirements of our clients and the most demanding needs of the customers.

The Benefits of Android

When you create an app, the main job is to choose the development platform. While there are dozens of operating systems today, most people generally choose to dominate more than 80% of California's two most popular OS - Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

  • First, you need to identify the target market. If you want to win the audience, Android is the best choice. However, if you are sure that your customers primarily use the Apple device, it is best to think about developing iOS applications.
  • Speaking of Android development, it is necessary to mark the popularity of this operating system. Even with Apple's main competitor, Android has a significant share of the market - more than 70%. That is, seven of the ten smart device owners use a device on top of Android.
  • Choosing Google's transcendental platform means reaching out to a broader audience: not just for smartphones and tablets, but also cars, audio systems, eBooks, TVs, and other Internet-related devices.

In addition, Google solved most of the annoying glitches: system fragility, slow operating system on low-power devices, and more.

Partially open code

The Android operating system is similar in many ways to Google Chrome. The kernel remains the same, but development team can adapt to users' needs for mobile vision components and many features. Apple products do not have sufficient customization, nor the opportunity to interface.

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Information and animation widgets

Android operating system has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to development of widgets for easy access to any app from the home screen with the click of a button. Also, on some models, you can even change and change the size of a widget. We also develop widgets for an elegant product to make it more convenient and attractive.

Google Services

Dozens of Google cloud services have been predefined and work better than many other platforms. We'll help launch your product on Google Play with a variety of support that will make your product more meaningful and popular with your primary audience.

Reasonable and functional

Android Phone Operating System - It's an inexpensive way to get closer to the modern digital marketplace. The initial price of a budget smartphone starts at $ 100, which of course will promote its popularity and availability in all groups of buyers. You may easily find the main audience of users of Android-based devices and integrate their software into their employees' smartphones without having to spend extra on the device.

Google Play's fast-growing market.

Android has its modern store that downloads thousands of applications that extend the capabilities of your smartphone. Google Play is modern and fast. This means the software will be available to a wide range of users and its functionality will be as easy and easy to use as any other well known platform.

IT Technology in Business

In order to obtain the most favorable operating conditions, entrepreneurs should observe two main conditions:

  • Fixed sales growth
  • Constantly monitor all work activities and rapid staff turnover

This combination rarely happens because keeping up with more than one day-to-day process is not a simple task. New technologies solve most of the problems companies may face and allow them to maximize productivity.

Creating an Android app

There are several ways to develop an app:

  • Use the app to create a website and develop it yourself
  • Master a programming language yourself
  • Hire a professional developer

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must make the right choice based on your skills and needs.


App development platforms

If you need a simple program and have a lot of time and desire but no coding skills, you may choose one of the development platforms on the internet. These sources often have a variety of video tutorials and manuals that significantly help beginners develop their first mobile app. This is an affordable decision if you need professional-looking applications. Unfortunately, these applications simply seem functional, but do not feel that way. Often, they do not have the necessary options, and you can only add them using templates and premade options. As a result, functionality becomes very limited and there is no guarantee of successful use. Of course, this approach seems to be the cheapest, but although it is usually free to build, your maintenance and supplement options usually require monthly payments.

Become a developer

Every industry needs special education and tools. To learn programming skills, people usually receive degrees and should not wait for an easy time. If you are determined to develop applications, learn programming languages ​​and how to use them. Java is the programming language you need. It is used on various operating systems and devices, including Windows and Linux-based devices. As for these tools, it's best to start with the Android IDE and SDK. It also requires access to useful libraries to be able to add new features without having to code everything from scratch.

But before you start learning the programming language, make sure you have a device that you can use and create a developer account. The good news: Google Play requires only a one-time $ 25 registration fee. Then you can create software for any platform, be it Linux or Windows.

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Possibilities of wireless devices

It's not trivial, in fact, each component can make lots of money. In the age of wireless technology, businesses are increasingly prone to use gadgets:

  • Most automation processes
  • Reduce expenses
  • Optimize resource usage and more

Finding an ideal solution is enough to do just a few simple steps: developing a subscription software will be an essential element of an employee's job as a useful tool for communicating with customers or as a distribution and promotion channel. Through our program you will experience the shortest possible time difference.

Mobile e-commerce

Mobile commerce is a process that involves the use of wireless data transfer for purchases and sales. This significantly simplifies teamwork and streamlines workflow. We can develop applications that monitor not only purchases but also people's activities.

Stages of development

Android app development usually occurs in an algorithm. We devise step-by-step procedures to achieve the best results.

  • Specification

In our first personal meeting with our clients, we learned about the main idea of ​​the app. We detail all the details that may be useful for our future work: the purpose, navigation elements, functions and so on. With this data, we calculate prices and working conditions.

  • Design

The experts devise a prototype that takes into account all the features of the platform we use. It can be interactive or static. In addition, our designers have developed a user-friendly interface based on the latest trends in the digital marketplace.

  • Development

Our programmers write code, create intermediate versions, and perform initial tests at each step.

  • Test

When design and usability were identified and errors were eliminated, we tested the product on different devices: Android OS phones and tablets.

  • Posted

At this stage, we register a customer in the store, and the application goes to the Google review.

  • Technical Support

After programming, we will not leave our clients and provide post-launch assistance. Our unshakable developer will adapt to changing conditions and will not stop improving the program until it becomes what we plan to achieve.

  • Marketing

At this stage, we are promoting the project so that users can download and use it for a long time.

As you can see, the development process takes some time. We believe that a precise work structure is a guarantee of quality. Therefore, we allocate time for each stage and always know it at each stage.

Android Development with the Professional Team

The best way to get high-quality, risk-free, and over-committed applications is to work with professional and experienced developers and designers.

Our development company provides a full range of software development services to companies from all over the world. The development team is comprised of more than 100 technical experts: software developers, business analysts, project managers and quality engineers. Every day, our experts create applications, technologies of all sizes and technologies to use. Tell us the questions you need to solve or expose the idea and we will find the best solution for your case. You can not only get high tech applications but also quality and post production support.

Choose the type of software you need

All applications that qualify can be divided into three types:

  • A web app is a cross-platform program that runs only on a browser and is displayed on any smartphone. This app requires short-term development and small investment.
  • Hybrid applications can use web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but also have access to phone features. You have the opportunity to make some changes without releasing the new version. It is also a good option to implement this idea and take a look at the results, as such applications can be placed in the store. By definition, it is a native app implemented using HTML.
  • Native software is more conducive to function and speed of work. You can distribute through the App Store and engage new customers. Of course, local app development requires more time and investment, but you will be rewarded in the shortest time possible.

Android is the most popular platform, can access hundreds of frames, designed to push the app to the top. We can develop any mobile app for Android, which will become an indispensable tool at a reasonable price.

Let's Build Your App Together

Mobile app development for Android - is our professional occupation. Throughout the development and promotion period, the team advises clients and provides technical support to find the best solution for each unique event.

If you are interested in the development of a mobile application for Android, introduce us to your ideas and turn them into powerful and lucrative products.