How to Find Developers in the US

Software developers are the creative mind behind computer programs. Some of them develop apps that allow people to perform specific tasks on a computer or other device. Others create underlying systems that run devices or control networks.

There are many ways to hire reliable developers in the US. You can choose to search by word of mouth, explore the internet on your own, try out popular freelance workplaces such as Upwork and Freelancer, check social media and LinkedIn, seek to subscribe to hosting providers or get in touch with various conferences, parties and hackathons participants.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers in the US for a Startup?

The most important part of a successful startup is to create a clear and effective MVP. The main question is where to find dedicated developers in the US?

Because the startup life cycle involves investing a lot of time and resources to develop an MVP, startups need to ensure the project's successful and timely completion. Hiring dedicated software developers in the US is the foundation for a successful product delivery.

How to Evaluate a Development Team

Obviously you will not hire the first developers you find because the software development lifecycle of your product will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and you will need to hire the most reliable team to invest properly. List 3-4 teams to assess your stacks of skills, portfolios, site quality and positioning, and feedback from your previous customers.

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Company Experience

We do not recommend making complex or expensive projects in the US with younger teams with 2 - 3 years of experience. These developers do not have the experience you need or can fail in their design, leaving pieces behind. For example, our US developers have about 10 years of successful work behind and we have the expertise you need to accomplish your project of any complexity.

Number of Employees

Organization with 10 or fewer members are usually highly specialized. This means that if one of them is sick or quit the project, no one can replace the top members. We recommend working with MSPs of at least 30 to 40 developers to ensure project continuity and completion in a timely manner. We have more than 150 developers, designers, analysts and other specialists to guarantee your project will develop flawlessly.

Portfolio of the Company

Contact the company's previous customers. Find out if they are satisfied with project management and product development, interaction and feedback. Real evaluations are the best proof of quality if the team has successfully developed products for start-ups - they will be able to provide high-quality workflow and services. For example, check our portfolio.

Product Quality

Companies are required to provide examples of work products and solutions that develop or attempt to use previous customer service. If your products are intuitive, efficient and fast, this software development team can really provide high quality products.

Company Website

Ask an outsourced expert to evaluate the site of the selected team. Besides good design, it should be functional, intuitive and optimized. If the team can not do this on their own site, they can hardly provide these qualities to your product.

Choose a reliable partner

We understand that this process can seem very discouraging and laborious. However, it will be better to spend more time hiring a reliable software development team for your startup and completing the project on time. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending time and money dealing with inexperienced or unethical contractors.

Our team of developers is a great example of professionals that will be the right suit for your project regardless of its complexity. Contact us today to discuss your project.