Human Resource Management System for Workflow Optimisation

Profitable and stable activity of any enterprise depends first of all on the correctly chosen system approach to the working collective. To help you achieve the best results of the employees' efforts, we create custom systems that provide automation of personnel management.

What Benefits You Get

The human resource management systems consist of a set of activities, the purpose of which is to organize management of the company's employees and, accordingly, to achieve the best quality of human resources management.

With the necessary number of professional staff in the organization, the automated system ensures the speed of achieving the business goals of the enterprise without additional financial expenses.

In addition, the involvement of HR management in the workflow of any company allows:

  • to raise the level of productive activity of all personnel
  • significantly expand the client base
  • increase the demand for goods or services
  • preserve the integrity of all processes in business
  • provide customer satisfaction

What Does the HR Management System Consist of?

The main obstacles in the work of HR managers are a large number of tasks, a huge number of tasks, processes and functions assigned to them, which must be managed quickly and efficiently.

The list of activities, which consists of all modern HR-systems, includes:

  • development and implementation of a human resources strategy, which is based on forecasting, planning and analysis of the needs of the enterprise in HR-resources;
  • management of the adaptation process of new working personnel, who started to work in the organization relatively recently;
  • management of the competence and quality level of all employees;
  • organization of a remuneration system for good work, preparation of programs for the payment of bonuses, benefits and other compensation;
  • leadership in the movement and release of cadres;
  • ensuring the work of the system to monitor the safety and health of employees, the level of social development, which includes food, insurance, physical education and so on;
  • management of behavior and loyal attitude of personnel;
  • concern for results of productivity and efficiency of human resources work.

Solving the Problems of Human Resource Managers through Automation

We offer custom solutions to assist you in the quality management of personnel. Such systems are responsible for the automation of personnel management. They allow you to more efficiently optimize work processes in the team with the help of new information technologies (IT) in the field of HR management.

To date, information technology automation of the personnel management system ensures the unification of the entire information area, simplifies and makes the work of employees more productive and cohesive.

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Classification of Automated HR Management Systems

All HRM systems are divided into three levels:

  • automation of the staff salaries calculation;
  • creation and maintenance of staffing;
  • attestation activities; the development of a skilled worker’s "portrait”; creation of personal training and promotion programs.

The work of the first level is a pre-configured "boxed" product, but its low level of efficiency and the lack of the possibility of further process control significantly limits the audience of potential users.

As for the second level of automation, its activity here seems to be a flexible independent solution that has broad administrative capabilities with extensive functionality, a large set of tools for drafting and maintaining personnel policies, and so on. Also, the second level guarantees the availability of complex hardware products that can be regularly developed, upgraded and refined, while keeping pace with the growth of business needs.

The list of solutions of the third level includes activities that can not be called independent, since they are specialized modules that are part of the system of complex automation of the whole organization (ERP system). At the same time, our specialists can develop other third-level systems that have a list of integration options with the rest of the most popular ERP systems.

Functional Solutions from our IT Company

As the leading IT company, we use additional means of reporting and access to information from the human resources department, which are also part of the automated information system. In addition, specialists offer clients a specific list of tools that help to analyze data more efficiently and make correct decisions.

Contact us today if you need a software product to be used in your organization as a high quality tool for analytical and human resources management work. Out top-notch custom solution will allow not only to improve the process of automation of wage calculations, but also contributes to the quality of workflow and the organization of full-fledged HR management.