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What's the difference between mobile device development?

There's a lot more to developing iOS applications and you better get started now. The development of applications for iPhone and iPad is not the same as creating websites because you have all the features of the device available and with the launch of iOS 10 additional features are already open to iPhone developers. Well, you can make money by applying. Create something unique and attractive, so pay for it.

Getting started as an iPhone app developer

First, you need to go to the Apple Developer Program and click Register to access the support material and register your iOS device to be authorized to test the app on it. If you want to develop it yourself, you can sign up for the Apple Developer Program using an ID, and if you want to create the program as a team, create a new ID for the team. You can register for free. You can also sign up for free and get the latest development tools for the iOS operating system support.

This will be sufficient for you to program and test the app, but if you are developing an app designed to sell it, you will need to log in to Apple for an annual membership fee of £ 69. giving you the benefits of accessing the latest beta software such as iOS and Xcode. Before getting into the development process, you should plan each step carefully. Of course, there is a unified plan to build your project, but here are useful tips provided by the professional developers.

Final app

What are your goals for your app? Try to keep simple, as an example, a task list app to create a list that allows editing and sharing. Culinary applications provide database recipes so you can add them to bookmarks and upload your own recipes. Write down the purpose in a simple sentence.

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Application Function Consider the features that your app will include

Make the list as short as possible - it only contains the functionality your app needs for that purpose. Then add a couple of creative and engaging features that will make your program stand out.

Branding and promotion

What is the stage of your iPhone app and how are you going to promote it? Is this a happy and user-friendly entertainment app or a high-quality, productive business productivity tool? Create a marketing strategy scheme and make sure the style of the app fits.

Creative design

Draw sketches for each screen and create the navigation bar and button interaction.

Prepare assets

Although iOS platform offers many buttons, icons, and other elements, you still need to create logos, images, sounds, and more. You should also consider the technology that your product needs. Will it need Xcode and App Store? Or maybe the program needs an e-commerce integration, server, or other technology? It is important to find out in advance.

Learn the Basics of Creating iPhone applications

It has never been easier to develop games and applications for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. There are several tools to help you complete the design process: the Apple Xcode 8 integrated development environment, the Swift programming language, and other useful tools such as Metal. Initially, developing an iPhone application seemed like a big challenge, but not as difficult as it sounds when you're fat. Fortunately, there are many tutorials, manuals, and guides to help you understand the process of programming and designing applications and guiding you in the development process.

How to write your iPhone app

If you want to get completely into software development, then you may be interested in writing your own app. If you have some coding experience, this will not be a difficult task, especially now, Apple was in 2014 by introducing the iOS 8 programming language and Swift to reduce the barrier. IPhone and iPad appls can be created in a development environment known as Xcode. This is the official Apple software, only for Mac, so make sure you have an iOS laptop.


iOS Developer Link

Here are some sources to help you understand the basics of iPhone programming:

  • Code Academy
  • Swift Absolute Beginner Course
  • Swift Programming Language Manual

You can also find online tutorials from major universities such as MIT, Harvard University and Stanford University. You can find Stanford on iTunes using Swift to develop iOS 9 app courses. It is good practice to examine these tutorials as it allows you to see the development process and learn from the best.

Outsource iPhone app development

If you find it almost impossible to be an iPhone programmer, you have two possible ways: hire a professional to build a program from scratch or help you in the development process. Building a native iPhone app with IT experts can be very costly - starting at £ 20,000. However, if you have confidence in your own ideas, it certainly pays to hire a reputable developer and invest in the project. If you want to get some real programming lessons, browse through the Meetup sites and search for technical events in your area. If you have already allocated a development budget, you can look for an expert on a platform such as LinkedIn.

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Apple Store Approval

Once the product is completely completed and the test is complete, it's time to send it to the AppStore. You can do this through iTunes Connect, you need to sign up with a separate account. And make sure you have thoroughly researched Apple's submission guidelines. The approval process a year ago took about a week or more, but the waiting time is now limited to one day. Many developers are impressed with the speed at Apple and they wonder if they now have fewer scans on sent applications

Reasons for rejecting the iPhone app

However, iPhone experts still have a lot of refusal. Denying a product can have different causes, but mainly because of the explicit content in the app or the use of undocumented SDK resources. To add more applications, you need to meet many technical standards. There is an excellent blog called iMore, which provides a list of rejected applications and the reasons behind their failure.

iPhone game development

If your goal is to create a game, users will spend hours playing and you are not alone because there are many communities developing gaming on the web. Now that you've learned the basics of iOS programming, our development team will provide you with a list of cool iPhone gaming features and software building that will give you a deeper understanding of iOS programming:

  • Apple Developer
  • SpriteBuilder
  • Developer Game Center
  • GitHub
  • Stack Exchange game developers

Quality assurance

Your product means your global mobile and online representation. Its quality affects your reputation. That's why we started thinking about the final outcome of the conceptual phase of the project. We look forward to the difficulties and challenges in the development process to avoid these pitfalls from the outset. The Quality Assurance department conducts various tests throughout the development process for best results and to protect your program from failures. Prior to launch, we tested all of its features and performance. Quality assurance specialists have a variety of equipment to verify their appearance and feel is the same. Testing services include:

  • Meet the requirements
  • Compatibility
  • Usability and navigation
  • Performance and function
  • Pressure and load
  • Safety

Working with iOS design team

If you do not have time to learn about application development, our experienced and mature team of designers and programmers is ready to help. We provide high quality software based on our deep understanding of business processes, computer architecture and modern IT trends. At our iPhone software development agency, our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and always strive to provide excellent products that will lead to success. Do not hesitate to discuss your iPhone software ideas with our experts. Our iOS development team is waiting for your email.