Our Cases

We craft software solutions putting our hearts into them to ensure that they add value to your business.


Mind Map


One of our projects implied the development of a web client for files that were created with a desktop software. The program supports .mmap extension and our web client was supposed to reflect them. We implemented mind mapping functionality enabling topic contents selection, display of associated resources, branches drag and drop, fold and unfold, scale change and other features which desktop app has. We used SVG graphics to display topics and their links to the web pages ensuring high quality of scaling.


Sales Agent


We have a project related to the retail order taking which was developed for a sales team. The program enables them to fill in and submit customers’ orders on the go ensuring streamlined connection with office and enabling it to process the orders as soon as they get them. The program simplifies the retail procedures quickly assigning the items that should be delivered and sending bills to customers. We helped sales representatives to place orders in an efficient manner optimizing orders processing.




A mobile application was developed to enable users to collect their moments with the help of photos. The program presents a social platform with share and uploading functionality which lets users collect their memories in one place and maintain their relationships with friends. The program also has some business benefits working as a marketing tool that can increase clients awareness of the brand and hence increase loyalty and sales. The platform also enables sharing via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social networks.


Theme Park


Get the most of the day spending the time in Theme Parks. Our team has developed a mobile application that enables users to explore the park and take full advantage of their day. The program also to track guests and trends within the park and send push notifications based on guest location and available promotions. The program collects users’ data bringing it to one place for marketing managers and provide park guests with a valuable insight into park activities. Besides, users can purchase tickets via the app without standing in a queue.




Working with a pet care company, we were developing a responsive web application that lets users book best-certified pet care services. The app allows users easily book pet appointments taking the hassle out of finding a trusted pet care provider. The program functionality enables to compare local veterinarians and hotels and get instant confirmation of their booking. On the web, users can find an intuitive and usable site which adjust to any screen size ensuring smooth performance and user-friendliness on a variety of the devices.


School Life


Our task was to help parents to take a more active part in their kids’ school life and education. We built a mobile app and web portal that connect parents and teachers. This system helps to bring parents into the classroom and know better about their children’s study and school activity via real-time updates ensuring that they can participate in the educational development of their kids. The program breaks down the barrier between children and parents and helps teachers to inform parents about their children's progress.