Software Development Outsourcing: Hire Third-Party Developers

Many companies prefer to choose outsourcing their software development to third-party IT partners and digital agencies or freelancers working domestically or overseas, while others promise not to repeat after having had bad experiences.

Our IT experts have identified all the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing application development, which can help you decide whether to develop the software at home or hire third-party coding professionals.

The advantages of outsourcing services abroad

Foreign outsourcing software development agencies, especially emerging market software development companies, offer cheaper rates. Why pay large sums of money to local IT partners when you can develop a similar function software with a similar feature ten times cheaper and hire outsourcing developers from India? And, you can use these savings to pay for software improvement and continuous maintenance, add new features, and extend functionality.

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Cheaper cost

Global labor arbitrage, in other words, is a specialist in eliminating economic barriers and facilitating the hiring of countries with lower labor costs. It is not surprising that outsourcing abroad between British and American entrepreneurs has become a common practice. Of course, if you do not care about prices, there are almost no other benefits to outsourcing this work to third world countries.

Additional charges

On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to compare labor costs. The problem is that you should consider the additional time and money you need to invest to manage and plan outsourcing projects. It is a classic mistake when business owners think that hourly rates say everything they need, so that the costs more explicit, but not the additional costs that offshore outsourcing software development always involves. Recent statistics show that more than 60% of companies employing foreign outsourcing developers are expected to have much lower costs.

Short-term contract

One less obvious benefit of outsourcing software development is that it is possible to hire experts to work on your project without having to make a long term commitment that usually leads to related costs. To add more, you may now need someone with a specific skill, and over time, you may need a specialist focused on different technologies.

No distractions

Large offices with open spaces and lounge areas can distract development teams. Lunch time, breaks, games, chat with co-workers, etc. All of this reduces the amount of time spent on software development, which is why outsourcing experts can do the same work more efficiently than their colleagues. Office distraction can also mean spending more time at work to do the day-to-day work that can detract from corporate culture and employee motivation.

The advantages of developing software in-house

The professionals employed by your full-time company are motivated to work more efficiently and harder and contribute to the success of the project. They put energy and time into your project and will have a personal advantage if the final product succeeds. You have more assurance that your internal team will not leave the project halfway, so you can count on long-term relationships.

Common interests

A good freelancer is a client-based specialist who delivers work products and enriches the product portfolio through several new projects. On the other hand, companies measure success through the revenue they create and the markets they reach. To achieve this goal, you must go a long way. And you need to be prepared so that a freelancer can not go beyond a valid product.

Software Development Outsourcing Tips

Quality is the biggest concern of outsourcing program and software development as it is difficult to manage quality assurance when working with outsourcing developers. How do you estimate the quality of the code written by third-party developers? How do you choose a developer to find your profile in the online freelancers market? It is natural for a design company to show the best designs that have been completed. So you can not be sure of what you will eventually get.

How do you minimize the risk?

Here are some steps you can take to avoid the risk of hiring people who can not deliver your project: Ask local experts to consult you on any application development problems you may have, make sure that all the legal documentation be done correctly and assign Developers You choose a mission to see if they can accomplish it successfully. Do not ignore candidates for the interview.

Test the candidate

Some programmers and designers have a free market testing to assess their knowledge of different technologies, but you better make them do a custom test that relates to the field of knowledge required for the project. In any case, you can not be absolutely sure that someone who passed the exam was the same person who hired you because you get a person to pass a test and get a high score on a freelance platform.



If you decide to interview, prepare questions and possible answers. To make a list, browse the development communities and forums, or see someone who has experience creating software to help you get the job done. If you are not sure if you can understand the answers provided by the development group, ask someone to help you during the interview and assess the knowledge of the developer. Do not forget, the purpose of the interview is to understand if the outsourcing partner really skilled in coding. This may be surprising, but many who apply for a job on an independent platform really do not understand the content of software development. In addition to testing your technical expertise, ask them some common questions and see if you are on an individual level.

Code collaboration

Working with foreign outsourcing developers is sometimes very difficult. Developers from different regions of the world may have significant cultural differences, different ethics, and coding standards. Creating is an ongoing process of cooperation between the client and the developer, so you must clearly articulate their needs to the developer, paying particular attention to the need to come from a completely different cultural context. Write detailed software requirements specifications to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure a pleasant experience with offshore software design.

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Using Scrum methodology is a great decision for code collaboration and communication with third-party IT tners. Statistics says,Scrum helps both small and large development teams achieve the same efficiency goal. How is this possible? Scrum allows outsourcing software development teams to organize throughout the process, ensuring transparency in their work and facilitating communication among team members. Scrum has established software development frameworks and processes to help developers work quickly and efficiently.

Why is Scrum an effective tool for teamwork?

Scrum allows customers to track developer progress and quickly introduce changes to requirements and needs throughout the development process. There are few other ways in which distributed teams can ensure timely communication and effective collaboration. And, Scrum is not so difficult because there are many manuals and videos on the Internet about how it works.

Difficulty in communication

You may not be aware, but hiring developers located in remote and time zones may create logistical difficulties. For example, they will have to answer a conference call in the middle of the night or at sunrise, while few can exceed productivity. A possible solution to this problem may be to hire a project manager who lives nearby or at least in a more recent time zone. Many of the largest digital companies are accustomed to this approach and have project managers in teams in several countries around the world.

Collaborating with specialized developers based in the United States

Over the years, we have gained rich experience in the IT industry, have worked with large and small companies around the world to provide digital solutions that prove their effectiveness and profitability. The talented and passionate software development experts are endless dedication to state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge technology with the latest platform tools and insights.

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